Head Turbans


Head Coverings for elder patients.

Head Turbans are one size fits all. The Turban Plus Scarf And Lounging Cap are matching in colors. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SECRET SALE YOU ARE GETTING WARMER! The Turbans come with a contrasting scarf which may be removed and replaced with your own favorite. It can be moved around on the head to achieve several different looks. This cotton poplin turban has elastic in the back. A great choice for Cancer Chemo or Alopecia conditions. Turbans come also with an extra lounging cap which is great for security fit and height. All together this Turban gives you a nice look, comfort and warmth.

You get a great deal buying this Turban!!! A turban, a scarf and a matching color lounging caps.

See our Lounging/Sleep Caps Collection to order extra other colors you might want to put under the Turban.

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