Sleep/Lounging Caps

The sleep/lounging caps are a must the moment your hair begins to dramatically disappear during chemo therapy treatment, or any hair loss like alopecia. The sleep cap, during the first stages of hair loss, helps not to have to look into a mirror, reduces other people seeing what you are going through, Yes I have heard how brave we can be, know what I went through. But eventually sleeping caps keeps your head warm, as the first thing you are going to feel is a draft up there. Sewn with the new soft Bamboo fabric, a natural fabric, Feels like cashmere might feel, won’t irritate. Easy care. Best to hand wash in cool to warm water and wrap in towel, and let naturally dry. This avoids the minimal shrinkage associated with all fabrics and water.

Sleep caps for cancer patients: Sleep/lounging caps are Great gift for friends as this will be all they need during the first weeks of hair loss. Some even wear it out into the world. Tying a scarf, carried in your bag will make you feel a bit more dressed up. Who knows, a change might be necessary, why not have more sleep caps than one. Also provides warmth, as your head will be cold for weeks, and exposed to the elements. Even in doors, can be an interesting experience with the sleep cap. You won’ feel the hair loss as much, actually  some have even forgotten when wearing the caps, that they had loss their hair, Yes I know, how could you not remember, there is no hair there, just that cover ups do work. That’s Sleeping Lounging caps!!!

Lounging/Sleep caps, for wearing around the house, to sleep, and even under another hat when the weather really gets cold.

Made of soft interlock cotton, unlike other hats offered, this fabric is expensive and beautifully woven  for comfort and stretch fit. not bulky and just very comfortable and warm.

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