Slip-On Beanies

Slip-on Beanies. Yes it’s winter, those beanie caps  can be worn around the house, looking great, designed with a flair,
gives a winter day, a bright new look, comfortable in spring and of course in summer. The slip-on beanies fabric breath.

This is very important and what makes the beanies so popular. They are a light weight fit. The Chemo  Beanies  cover completely all hair loss due to alopecia, chemo hair loss, and just a bad hair day. Carried easily, lightweight keep in pocket to wear for a quick cover up.
The slip-on beanies ruffled fabric doesn’t have cotton in the blend, but is a combination of synthetic fabric, including
rayon, spandex and very soft and comfortable. that’s why the fabric of the chemo beannies holds it’s shape, it breaths, and so comfortable that cancer patients going chemo are very thankful to have them.

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