Wig Grip Stabilizer

Topsy Turban’s Wig Grip Stabilizer is more than just a Wig Grip, it actually eliminates your wig from slipping or moving on your head. Our innovative design is hand sewn with micro fabric material and provides a cushion between your natural hair/scalp and your wig. It can be used for women with or without hair.


  • It’s made with a double non slip fabric and reduces moisture that wigs create on the top of your head.
  • Used as a comfort cushion against sensitive skin due to chemotherapy.
  • It’s curved above your ears, so it doesn’t rub or irritate your ears.
  • It can be hand wash with warm water and drip dried.
  • It can be worn for month because it will not stretch out.
  • It’s softness and comfort allowing you to wear your wig during chemo or thinning due to Alopecia.

Size: One Size Fits All

Topsy Turban’s WIG GRIP Stabilizer is made with microfiber material. The nap of the fabric holds the wig in place after you have placed your wig on your head.

How to Wear
The secret of a secure hold is the nap of the fabric. To wear, place your right thumb on the CANDY CANE label and make sure it is at the top of the grip and in the back. This position allows the correct flow of the fabric to grip your wig, which gives you that secure feeling your wig will always stay in place.

Care & Maintenance
You should wash your wig grip as needed to clean off any natural oils that will collect on your wig grip.

  1. Hand wash your wig grip in warm water for long lasting results.
  2. Wash with velcro tabs locked in place because it keeps the velcro from snagging the sticking on edge.
  3. Use 1 tsp of laundry detergent in warm water.
  4. Rub gently to remove natural oils.
  5. Towel dry and hang on towel rack to dry.

Note: Machine washing, weakens the fabric and it will loosen overtime.

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