Winter Headwear

Our high Quality Winter Headwear Products are a good selection to get you thru the cold. They are warm and cozy.

Our New Winter Weight Winter Headwear Roll Ups, Monique, Simplicity, Classic Scarves and Sleep Caps are the perfect solution for hair loss for women and men — it works for everyday wear and makes a great sleeping aid for nights. It’s made of comfortable stretch cotton that washes and wears well.

Fabric is an important choice for winter, not too heavy just the right weight, but soft warm and comfortable, our choice for this season is to offer a selection of attractive colors and patterns. Can be worn around house and out doors, or underneath an even warmer hat. These head coverings for the cold weather will provide you direct protection to your sensitive skin during hair loss due to chemotherapy, or hair thinning and will keep your head warm. During dramatic hair loss, a soft and warm covering is required and this is what it is all about. Winter Weight sleep cap, winter weight Monique Winter Weight Roll ups Winter Weight Simplicity Turbans and the Winter Weight Classic Scarves are a good selection to get you thru chemo, cold days and nights and keep you very comfortable.

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