Navy Blue Chemo Cap


Navy Blue Chemo Cap makes you feel comfortable.

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Chemo Caps are a new design for Topsy Turban, many have asked us to create a soft yet cool weight fabric for spring and summer. Many of our products are for all year around. So we are offering both. Sudden loss of hair due to chemo therapy, requires a quick and comfortable cover up.

Cancer scarves have been the choice for many. When searching for the right chemotherapy hair loss cap, we find that there are few choices, as you would be needing to find a color and fabric that would go with your current wardrobe,

Our chemo caps are quick and easy to use, very comfortable, after shower, around the house and of course out in public, designed to cover completely your head for easy care,
Many of us experience thinning hair as well. Alopecia hair loss happens at all ages, this is why I have spent so many years working to create caps, hats, scarves and turbans to help through these difficult times,

I have been asked by many, do you just design for cancer chemotherapy hair loss, In the beginning yes, but as I learned more about hair loss due to chemotherapy and Alopecia, I worked on perfecting comfortable and attractive designs, Now we can offer designs that work for women men and children for all purposes. Topsy Turban’s products are very effective in covering up hair loss, many of our Chemo Caps, turbans, and Bandanas, and even bucket hats, can be used.

All of our chemo cap are made with a cotton blend, it holds it’s shape and care, it makes great gifts, easy to wear and easy to wash and dry.