Grey Monique Turban


Monique Turban style in grey fits and shapes itself much like hair.

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Grey Monique Turban without that tab in the front. Ever wondered why that tab is in the front of most turbans?  We did too, that’s why we designed it without a tab, and we got more than we bargained for. We have a design that fits and shapes itself much like hair.  it pleated to give shape and fullness to your head, and when worn, falls perfectly around your head and shapes your face, as you would when shaping a wig or hair style. We realize hair loss is uncomfortable at best, replacement of hair loss, would be a wig, but the first few months of hair loss due to chemotherapy, your skin is sensitive to the touch. Our Monique is the answer for comfort. Grey Monique Turban really looks wonderful on, and without that tab in the front the Monique does not advertise:  look at me, I am wearing a TURBAN. The Monique style, is new and original to Topsy Turban. It is the closest we have come to felling like something is up there other than a cap. Perfect gift, and also perfect for dressing up. Grey Monique Turban Just doesn’t look or feel like a substitute for hair. Great for chemo to ease the cold head.

The Grey Monique Turban is very cozy, so it gets cold at night, what a great selection for wearing around the house, to sleep, and even under another hat when the weather really gets cold, and certainly outside.

Made of soft interlock cotton, unlike other hats offered, this fabric is expensive and beautifully woven  for comfort and stretch fit. not bulky and just very comfortable and warm.