Cream Puff Pre-Tied Scarf


Solid cream puff pre-tied scarf with adjustable clip on back.

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Our Elegant Cream Puff Pre-Tied Scarf, is exactly that, pre tied.  A simple elastic is woven through the front of fabric, with an adjustable clip in back. Simply place upon your head, if too loose, remove and adjust the clip until it is a perfect fit, and you are set. It will always fit and hold in place without slipping. Light weight chiffon fabric, lined with cotton to hold to head, and an additional finisher scarf to  finish off the front to cover forehead, to give a complete look. just a perfect fit and stylish to completely cover your hair loss. Can be worn with or without hair. Many women wear this design year around. Relaxed with jeans and giving a sporty look, or evenings out dressed to the nines. That is why we call it the Elegant pre-tied. We made matching pre tied scarves for bridesmaids, a cheer leading team all 12 of them in pink. All the bridesmaids wore the same color in honor of the bride.

Our elegance has many a story to tell, next to a wig, one customer said, it came very close to feeling like I had hair again, or at least I looked like I did have. Not to say all of our designs will completely hide hair loss. We just tend to design for the purpose of style, how well can we disguise hair loss. Most all our collections come close. Some sleeping caps are just for bed time, lounging around the house just covering with a soft comfortable fabric, to keep the top of your head warm and relaxed. The elegant Cream puff pre-tied scarf, is perfect for gifts, when you know the person you are buying for, it’s not always a perfect decision, but great when they are weeks into chemo, and feel it’s time to get out into the world. or, when their hair is starting to grow back.

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