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Topsyturban Wig Grip white is a wig stabilizer so Wig doesn’t slip.

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The wig grip white completely eliminates the fear of your wig, slipping or falling off  your head when you move dance, exercise or even hug someone. Most all wigs are designed to wear on top of hair, for changing hair styles. They are not lined with comforting fabric, but constructed with rather uncomfortable elastic bands and mesh in which to weave the hair strands, truly wonderful looking, but not easy to wear when you don’t have hair to anchor or pin to  hold it in place.

Our innovative wig grip white design, not only holds due to the fiber of the material, but also provides a cushion between you and the wig, not only for slipping but for softness and  comfort, allowing you to wear your wig much sooner than usual during chemo hair loss, or any hair loss or thinning hair due to Alopecia.

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Many women find they need sleep caps, and other fabric hats, such as turbans, and beanies, because the wigs, when tried on during the time the hair is gone, can not wear for more than a few hours due to the discomfort against their sensitive skin, also during chemo there are temperature changes in the body, which wigs without some sort of wig grip that tend to enhance, causing the feeling that the wig might not be the first choice.

Not so now with our wig gripper. It is a double non slip fabric, which tends to reduce the moisture that wigs can create to the top of the head.  Easy, hand wash, cool water,  drip dry. Can be worn for many weeks and months, and will not stretch out, holds shape due to the unique construction, unlike other wig holders available. Also fendered above the ear, as not to rub and irritate or rest on the ear itself and cause pain. The Wig grip White is comfortable soft, and will change the way you think of wigs. It really stabilizes the wig in place.

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