Fringe Caps

The Fringe Caps is too cute, to wear to dinner, but then it brings life back when looking into the mirror. when we say too cute, we mean it is something different. You might not have ever thought that little ruffles around your face would brighten your day, but when you look into the mirror. Especially after shower, you suddenly have shape around your face again. Not that it will replace hair loss. That is why we design new and exciting ways of wearing caps. The Fringe cap, is great for little girls as well, or even grown girls. It is just fun. If buying a gift for someone, or even buying for your self not knowing what you are going to need, this is a safe purchase. soft cotton, light weight, especially when your head is so sensitive due to chemotherapy. It gets cold up there. the Fringe cap is the great answer to the question, what to wear.

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