Our Snoods, although old fashioned in name, has been updated. Original designed to keep hair out of face while working on building, airplanes. When women worked in factories, and still do, the snood, now takes on a new look. During chemotherapy when hair loss occurs, the first thing we think of is replacing hair with a wig. The first months of chemo, the hair loss makes the top of the head sensitive and cold. Our Snood/Tichel is designed to fall like hair and appears that you simply tucked your hair into the cap. Also comes in attractive colors, to match wardrobe and to just brighten up your day.

Buy it for yourself. As soon as you get started with hair loss, and still want to look great when, out and about, the snoods are the sneaky look, no one will ever know you are going through hair loss. They might stare, but they are admiring your choice of head wear, and will usually ask, where did you buy your beautiful cap. Snoods are light weight, comfortable, not heavy, and not hot to wear. of course mid summer nothing really is cool enough, but 9 months out of the year, this is the perfect cover up to wear. Although this might be a new consideration if you are buying it for someone, because there isn’t much like it on the market. This might just be a home run gift.

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