Topsy Too Turban

Topsy Too Turban, what could be more perfect, beautiful soft woven cotton turban with a beautiful scarf. You can easily change the scarf with your own. The scarf slips into a tab in front, with a smaller tab in back to keep the scarf on the hat, and won’t slip and hangs just enough in the back to give it style. Our turban is 100% soft cotton, generous in fabric, and one size fits all.  The fabric stretches to fit your head, but won’t stretch out of shape. Many colors to choose from, plus our scarves are endless, each hat comes with the scarf shown. You can select another scarf from our head scarves page if you wish to. Or use your own. Topsy Turban Too, can be worn around the house with or without the scarf, can also be used for sleeping. Go to “Scarves” and purchase more scarves of your choice.

If you are talking about style, this has proven for 12 years to be a winner. Always appreciated, even when buying for your self you can’t go wrong on this one; Topsy Too Turban.

Sewn in European school of design, very few seams and generous in fabric. We are aware of fashion needs as well, and work to give that special look. Many of our customers shared with us, that they had been stopped and were asked where did you get that cute hat? Not realizing the hat was there for a reason. That’s the secret, I used to call it the great cover up. Now we just settle for TOPSY TOO TURBAN GOES TO YOUR HEAD.


Topsy Turban Spring Collection – Turbans with Scarves

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