Before You Buy


20 years ago, Joan asked the doctor where he recommended she could go for cancer scarves or turbans.

“Don’t know,” he said. “That one you have to do on your own.”

Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, it’s a first, and knowing what is needed is the problem.

Topsy Turban specializes in unique cancer head cover designs to cover hair loss. The first thing that happens, a few weeks after starting chemo, is the hair loses its luster, and falls out quickly.

What you need is the LOUNGING CAP, or what we call a NITY NITE. The cap serves as a catchall during the hair loss, and keeps the head warm and covered up.

HEAD BANDS, serve a dual purpose, they allow you to wear hats you have and create a new hair line. No one knows if there is hair under there or not. Head bands give comfort around the temple area where hair used to be.

COOL AND COMFY AND EASY FIT, are perfect for going out running errands, stylish, and all COTTON, again comfort and hides hair loss. It almost feels like you have hair again.