Hey Tyler

Your turbans are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for such a variety!! We will definitely be ordering more from you! The quality is absolutely incredible!!! I’m sending out flyers about our wig shop and I’m going to include pictures of your headwear if that is ok. Just to let people know about our variety. Thank you again! Stephanie Ellis
The Wiggery

Hi Tyler,

Thanks so much for the fast service! I received my order #4654 in yesterday’s mail. I love all of the hats, but the “slate” sleep/lounging cap is not the color I was hoping for. The photo on the website looks grey, but the actual cap is more taupe. Can I exchange the slate cap for the light grey cap? Just let me know the address I need to return the cap to, and I can do that. Again, thanks so much for a wonderful product! Of all the caps I have purchased throughout my chemotherapy, yours are the most comfortable! I pair them with colorful, patterned headbands to go with my outfits. Playing with the color combinations makes not having hair a little easier to accept, and my co-workers tell me they are always looking forward to seeing what I come up with!

Thank you,

Ann Lundquist

Hi Tyler,
I just want to say thank you so much for all the extra caps that you sent!! They are just what I have been looking for and are so soft, lightweight and comfortable for sleeping! I was so excited to receive the package yesterday and will spread the word to anyone I come into contact with that would benefit from your products. You are doing a valuable work!
So thankful,


I shared your incredibly kind words with Carol; she was so grateful.

We got the Topsy Turban package.  Did you have anything to do with a few more turbans being there than we ordered?  You are a great organization, and we are grateful that you exist for the many who have to spend a few months without any hair.  God bless you all.  Hope we can stay in touch.  She finished chemo last night, has weathered it pretty well up to this point. A second bone marrow biopsy will occur in 7 days, to see how the chemo is doing.  A final one for this chemo in 3 weeks, to determine if she is in remission.
If so, we can go home and spend the rest of our lives as out patients, you probably know what I mean,😊 if not, they’ll start another round of chemo.
Blessings, Wayne
Oh my!  Well God bless your generosity!
Thank you so very much.  You know, I ordered from another company before I found your website and their product was so inferior that I couldn’t use it. I had to send it back and that left me scrambling for something to cover my head as my hair was falling out much faster than I anticipated.  I am so
glad that I found your site.  The head coverings are wonderfully designed and now that I’ve seen them in person, I know what a great quality they are. Chemo isn’t fun, but it’s easier when you have something that makes  you comfortable and makes you feel put together and attractive. Again, thanks so much.
Thank you Tyler, for your generous additions  I just love everything your an angel in disguise, may you and your wife continue to be Blessed. The quality of your product is  superb  you have touched my heart with your desire to help others . Thank you again for everything most of all your kindness.
I have been recommending them to women for both headwear and wigs.  If you have a new one I will surely recommend them.  I’d hate for you to send me a sample if I have it already.  I am super happy with your headwear.  I think the problem with headwear is that it can look so medical.  I’ve been selling wigs a long time but this is the first time that I’ve been buying since starting my business.  I always wondered why there weren’t prettier more comfortable options for women.  You’re things are very nice and also thoughtfully made.
Thanks. I was reading some of the testimonies on your site. Thank you for all you do. I wear these hats because of hereditary hair loss but I can see how you really minister to those who are going through treatments for cancer.  I am a cancer survivor so I can imagine, in part, what some of these people are dealing with. God bless you for your kindnesses. Also, I just realized when I was checking over my order that I had never ordered the black roll up which appeared in my package. Thank you for your generosity!!

Hi Tyler –

You are a very special person to make all the styles for people suffering from hair loss. It means so much to have something so beautiful to wear. You don’t know how much better it makes me feel. I posted your site on my FB asking people to share. Also sent some private messages to friends asking them to share. Thanks again for the great customer service.


Hi Tyler! –

I received my order today! Losing my hair due to chemo has been trying today the least, but people like you make the journey easier!  Thank you for your wonderful customer service!!!  Many blessings your way!!😀😀😀

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Mika 🐶

Hello Tyler –
Just a testimonial to thank you for the wonderful scarves, turbans, PLUS the extras that you sent me. They are lovely and top quality. It was such a pleasure talking with you. I have many headwear products due to hereditary hair loss, but yours are really the ultimate in quality fabrics, fit, and thoughtful design. I’ve ordered loads more turbans from you and can’t wait to wear them with scarves, accessories, etc. God bless you for your wonderful work.

— Marge

Thank you for the gift of an additional hat. What a surprise!
You are so kind.
It made my day.


Topsy Turban –
Hi Tyler, my sisters hat and scarf arrived on Friday, and what a surprise! She found several other beautiful hats in the package! I don’t know what to say to express our feelings about this, except to say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU! This is such a kind thing for you to do. My sister said to tell you how much she appreciates it! She said it gave her such a lift from feeling so tired and down. When the package arrived she called me so excited. The fact that it lifted her mood means the world to her family and me. You do beautiful work and we can see the caring in each hat.
Again, thank you!!!!

— Janet K

Dear Mr. Kjar –
I spoke to you on the phone a week or so ago about ordering some things for my Mom who lives in Colorado. Just wanted to let you know she has received your product and has been more than thrilled with it! She loves how they look and really likes the scarves that came with them. She thought they were beautiful, a much nicer alternative to the knit hat she has been wearing. Thanks again!

— Heidi J.

Dear Topsy –
Thank you so much! You’re awesome!!

— Nancy l

Dear Topsy Turban –
thank you for the lengthy order session on your beautiful turbans for my sister, she was so thrilled with the idea of the turbans!

— Joann

Dear Topsy Turban –
You are so awesome! You provide such a wonderful service. Prayers are most appreciated. God bless.

— Sandy

Dear Topsy Turban –
I really like how the Elegance fit and how they look, can’t wait to wear the “White Tiger” to work on Monday.

— Maryl

Dear Topsy Turban –
I Just wanted to say thank you so much! I ordered 3 of them and I love every one of them! They are so much better than any of the other ones I have! Your prices are amazing for the quality! I cannot thank yall enough for making such a great product for such a hard time in my life! God Bless yall!

— Crystal

Dear Topsy Turban –
I wanted to take this time to tell you how grateful I am to you for all you have done for NBC Outreach. A year ago we were a dream, today we are a reality and have so much support. I feel God has put special people like you in our lives that have helped and prayed for this outreach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Marcia

Dear Tyler –
Thank you so much for your kindness. I love your products. I look forward to getting them. God Bless!

— Belinda

Dear Tyler –
I ordered some of your turbans for my mom a few weeks ago and then several more today due to your low prices and sale on top of that. I want to thank you for selling such a wonderful product at such reasonable prices. My mom loves the turbans and feels good wearing them.

— Lori

Hello –
Please accept out heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the 13 turbans we received last week. This will help many women feel better about themselves, be able to leave their homes, to prevent further isolation, and feel proud again. Thank you again for all that you do for survivors!!!!! All my thanks and gratitude,


Hi –
I really appreciate you and will be ordering again soon!

— Paulal

Hi –
Thanks! They are soft and warm! I really appreciate the great customer service.

— Kathy

Hi –
Yes, the package came today! I love everything, so glad to have more stuff to cover my poor bald head. Thank you!


Hi Tyler –
These are remarkable— GREAT work
Thank you!

— Carol S.

Hi, Tyler –
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the even “quicker” receipt of my order and the items are lovely, pretty, fit well, look good. Thank you for what you and your company do in making difficult times easier for many of us. God Bless You!,

— Gloria N

Topsy Turban: –
I am writing to thank you for the caps I ordered for my mother. She is so pleased with the colors and the soft material and how easy they are to put on.

— Anonymous

Tyler –
Received the scarves today. Thanks for your really prompt turnaround time.

— Lynn F.

Tyler –
Thank you for your help and understanding during this most difficult and emotional time!

— M.

Tyler –
Thank you for your kindness and generosity. USPS delivered the Express Mail package today. Just in time for my wife’s birthday.
Best regards,

— Dan

Topsy Turban –
Thank you for the awesome deal!! At age 34 and with 5 children, ovarian cancer was a big surprise. Luckily, after I complete 9 weeks of chemo , my Dr’s feel we will be nearly 100% cured! Your website is the blessing I needed!! I am a nurse as well and felt your beautiful, modern fabrics would be perfect for every aspect of my days without hair. I can not thank you enough, you’ve helped to make a scary diagnosis much more acceptable!

— Warmly, Candie

Thank you for producing such beautiful cancer scarves at a price that is affordable. We have tremendous medical bills as chemotheraphy patients, and I feel that you are sensitive to this reality because of how you price your scarves. There is another website that also sells nice scarves, but their prices are terribly expensive. My personal feeling is that they take advantage of the desire of women to look pretty and feminine even while undergoing the hair loss from chemotherapy. I will not buy from them nor refer them to others for this reason. But I am excited to refer your site to other women who are going through the difficult ordeal of fighting cancer, and don’t need the additional stress of not being able to afford to look nice. Thank you for making my own struggles easier to bear. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.


Kathy D.

Tyler –
We can always count on Topsy Turban to get things to us right away & we do appreciate that. Being a small store we cannot keep a large inventory and knowing we can get things quickly is a big plus for us.

— Pam

Hello Tyler –
I find your turbans delightful! They are far more ample and imaginative and attractive than the ones I had been wearing. The Khaki, Champagne, and Black Lace fit me well. The Champagne is especially fun to wear.
Best wishes,

— Roberta

Hi –
Thank you for the blue eyelet you sent in place of the pink crinkle. I really appreciate it and wear it all the time. They are really comfortable and I expect I will be a regular customer. Thanks,

—Marie M.

Hi Tyler –
My lovely turbans arrived yesterday and I am wearing one today. I JUST LOVE IT!!! The fit is fantastic and I love the fact I can adjust the elastic. These are great – thanks for offering such a fantastic head covering.

— Carol M.

Hi Tyler –
I was glad to receive the turbans and sleep caps. They are very soft and comfortable and the elastic helps to make me feel it’s not going to blow off! Thanks for a well-made product! Best wishes

— Mary M.

Topsy Turban –
Today’s box was just an absolute surprise and DELIGHT!! In fact, I loved everything so much! Amazing fabrics!!! Just so loved the scarves and one turban of the same fabric!!

— Rebecca P.

Topsy Turban: –
Please accept my sincerest thanks for the additional caps sent to me during this difficult time. Be assured that I am doing well and will donate the caps to the oncology unit for those who may need them when my treatment is completed. Your company’s generosity is truly appreciated!
Thank you,

— Linda J.

Tyler –
Between my daughter and I we have bought many items from you and I am recommending your company in the support groups I attend. I love having the choices of what style or color to wear and I am very happy with your selection and your prices. Thank you for being there for me!

— Barbara

Thank you for the headwear to give to those who are in need I will make sure that everyone knows about your generosity. Thank you and God bless you. May God’s blessing rain upon you.

— Marcia R