Welcome To Topsy Turban


Welcome to Topsy Turban. Ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly have no hair? Many of us were not prepared for “the look” but thought we could go to any store and find something. I started designing headwear for hair loss from chemo and alopecia when Joan, my wife, was told she would lose her hair. We waited until the last minute, went to different stores, and found only one. We bought a beret for $30.00 that didn’t look great, that was it. My film fashion work gave me an advantage, with material and sewing machines available, but the difficulty was keeping the headcovering from slipping. Now some 20 years later, Topsy Turban has the chemo fashion and knows exactly what you are going to need before you do.

We are now there with a high style, fashionable design, quality fabric, made in USA, one-stop shopping. It is important for me to continue designing and sewing as there is so much need for something to wear during cancer treatment. Alopecia, early loss of hair not due to chemo, also has a need. I spend a great deal of my day on the phone with so many hospitals asking for help and advice for those patients who need something to wear. Many hospitals are now buying Topsy headwear and giving them to patients. It helps as that is one less thing to worry about. Welcome to Topsy Turban.