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Topsy Turban’s designs are the creation of Tyler Kjar and should not be copied with out certified approval from Mr. Kjar.

Wholesale Cancer Scarves, Bandanas, Wholesale Supplier Chemo Caps, etc for hair loss due to the effects of chemotherapy, was difficult to find many years ago. As a Designer for films and television wardrobe, I began to make Headwear for cancer patients. I started it when my wife lost her hair during chemotherapy. Now, TopsyTurban  offers many designs, in fabrics that are comfortable, soft and easy to wear, I created a wholesale outlet, designed for those unable to be reached by E Commerce, those that come into local boutiques, wig salons, hospitals  all looking for something to wear, the moment they loose their hair, and are disappointed  when these shops can’t offer a selection to fit their needs.

TopsyTurban Wholesale Supplier offers retail outlets such as hospitals, boutiques, wig salons, and others, the opportunity to supply a need to customers needing help. So many people just don’t know where to begin to find products specifically designed for their needs, TopsyTurban welcomes all customers wanting to supply their customers a wide selection of cancer headwear, including a new design, wig grip, truly innovative, holds the wig from slipping while comforting the skin from the wig heavy construction.

All TopsyTurban’s designs are hand  made in Los Angeles, California, we welcome phone calls. We are here to help you! Buy our Wholesale Pr-Tied Scarves, Cancer Scarves, Bandana, Lounging Caps,  Chemo caps and more, so you can help your customers go thru a tough time and make the difference for them.

We offer Wholesale accounts to registered businesses only. No personal account are allowed. Please fill out the form to register as a wholesale customer if you wish to purchase wholesale for any of the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Boutiques
  • Medical supply houses
  • Wig salons
  • Resell distributors
  • Pharmacies

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